Each of us is on a journey.

We are a community of believers intent on fostering an inclusive environment of love. We strive to grow with individuals and families of all kinds through worship, learning, prayer, service, and play.

At Pilgrim, strangers become our guests, and our guests become our friends!


Beliefs and purpose statement

We are a caring community, called together in ministry by the Holy Spirit through the Gospel and the Sacraments to:

  • Believe in Jesus Christ as Savior;
  • Worship the triune God; and
  • Serve God by proclaiming the Gospel, joyfully celebrating our God-given gifts, and loving and serving our neighbors with Jesus as our example.

At Pilgrim, we are gathered into Christ, and sent out to serve.

We are a part of the Indiana-Kentucky Synod and a member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and we embrace its teaching and mission.

Worship style

We want you to feel welcome and cared for at Pilgrim, no matter what stage of life you are experiencing. This includes children, youth, couples, singles, parents, empty nesters and seniors. It doesn’t matter what you know about the Bible or the Lutheran church, whether you ever have attended church, or even if you have questions concerning the role of the church in your life, we invite you to join us and learn more!

Children are a vital and welcome part of our church family! Could they get rambunctious and noisy? Maybe...but that's just fine! We are simply glad that you're here. If you feel you need to take them out during a service, we do have a staffed wiggle/cry room (for infants to 3-year-olds) open during our worship and faith formation time. 

The main thing we want is for you to feel comfortable when you visit us, and that goes for what you're wearing. There's no "church dress code." You’ll see people wearing jeans and a T-shirt, as well as others in a dress or suit. You'll fit in no matter what your clothes look like.

Our worship services include a variety of traditional and creative hymn playing, special organ music, responsive liturgy, and instrumental and choral music. Each worship service's music is carefully planned to complement scripture readings and thematic elements of the service.

Music and worship are at the very heart of our community and ministry. In worship we encounter God's word and share in a meal at the Lord's table. Our liturgy, preaching, music and prayers proclaim and celebrate how we are enfolded in God's grace and are saved through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.